Distribution Network

The population in the Nordic countries for the year 2019 was ca:

– Sweden: 10,3 million
– Denmark: 5,8 million
– Norway: 5,4 million
– Finland: 5,6 million
– Iceland: 0,4 million

The population in the Russian Federation countries for the year 2019 was ca:

– Russian Federation : 146,7 million

Each single Nordic market is not very big but if the countries are considered jointly the total market amounts to ca 27,5 million, a considerable market with a relatively strong purchasing power.

If the Russian Federation is included in the calculation the potential becomes considerable from a marketing point of view.

CD Pharma’s Nordic headquarter is based in Uppsala, Sweden. The company has finalised agreements with either independent warehouses or local distributors throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland are all covered by this network, in addition to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.   The same structure is now also in place in Russia, UK and Ireland.

The logistics are performed by logistical partners delivering either directly from our Milano warehouse or via local warehouses. This North European distribution network reaches practically all pharmacies in the Nordic, Baltic, UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Russia.

This distribution capacity is CD Pharma´s strength and the base for its activities in the pharmaceutical field.